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Shared by on Jan 12, 2021

When ExpressionEngine was sold to PacketTide by EllisLab, we were a bit worried about the future of this content management system.

ExpressionEngine is often called EECMS. It's open source and compatible with many servers, included Mac servers. It's based on PHP and MYSQL and it's compatible, optimized for the latest versions.

Version 6 is available since January 2021 and we are just delighted by it. The user interface and the features are great. It's a pleasure to use it. 

It's the most powerful, secure and easy to use CMS in the market. Period. Wordpress is the main competitor but the UI/UX is too complicated and the code base is outdated.

With ExpressionEngine and the great concept of channels and tags for html templates, you can build dynamics website, international versions too.

The future of ExpressionEngine is bright and we are a strong expert of it. We have more than 7 years of experience, building different type of websites or web apps.

Feel free to ask a quote about our development services and check the EECMS website. You will be impressed and delighted by what you will see.


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