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Happy holidays, updated branding, some recent work

Shared by on Dec 21, 2020

We wish everyone a nice holidays period and we all hope to see a more gentle 2021 year ahead.

For the holidays, we had a refresh of our branding with a more vibrant logo. The wheel is also a wink to the industry as you hate to reinvent the wheel when you do coding but sometimes you have too 😊 

We are also very proud of our last work for these companies. We built these solutions:

Services for Mac users (made with EECMS 6)
Services for kiosks builders (made with EECMS 6)
The HomeKit Specialist (made with Shopify)
Macs On-Demand (made with EECMS 5)
Simple Apps for Mac users (made with EECMS 5)
adnx.com store
Simple Apps for Mac users (made with Shopify)

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