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Welcome to macOS Big Sur and Macs with Apple Silicon

Shared by on Jun 07, 2020

Yesterday was an historic day for Apple. So many news and updates in the WWDC keynote. We loved it.

Clearly, the new Macs with Apple Silicon is a new challenge for the Apple community but the consistency will be stronger than ever at the end of the process. We are predicting a slowdown of Mac purchases for the next two years. Consumers are going to have a wait and see observation period. It's our guess but maybe we are wrong on that.

We downloaded and tested macOS Big Sur and we love it. It's a nice refresh, a nice update of macOS UI/UX but we also observed a lot of problems and a lot of weird choices.

  • Sheet windows are finally gone
  • The open dialog is different and feels a bit strange
  • The icons of macOS applications or system preferences seems designed by a student, Apple can do much better
  • We love the new icons in toolbars
  • Selected tabs have a new UI/UX and the focus of the selected tab is not enough strong

We tested few applications and everything seems right.

A public beta in July seems a bit too early on our opinion. Anyway, we are available to help you understanding the consequences of all these big changes. 

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